The Driving Factor

The question we are all going to  have to ask ourselves is what drives us? If you got up in the morning and did exactly what you wanted to do, regardless of the money, what would it be? These questions are very important to figure out sooner rather than later. People will go their entire … More The Driving Factor

Why do we lie?

There are many reasons on the surface for lying. The reasons for lying are countless, we could lie to save face, avoid trouble, and avoid embarrassment, but what is the root of all of this lying? The way I attempted to figure this out in my own life was to identify why I was about … More Why do we lie?

Here’s what’s so Wild about Antimatter

Disclaimer: I am not a physicist or have a degree in a field studying antimatter. Antimatter is an extremely confusing and ununderstood thing even in the science world. If anyone who is qualified reads something that is incorrect please let me know because I am looking for any information about antimatter I can get. Antimatter … More Here’s what’s so Wild about Antimatter