Eight Things to Honestly be Thankful for this Thankgiving

When we celebrate Thanksgiving there are many things we are thankful for. Every year we celebrate our family, friends, food at the table, and simply just being alive. I want to shed light onto the things we don’t always think about when we are giving thanks, but that affect our lives on a daily basis.



Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has immense gravity. The reason we should be thanking it is because it stops almost all of the meteors that enter our solar system from getting to the Earth. Jupiter either takes the hit directly or its gravity will push the meteor out of our solar system well before it has a chance to get to Earth. Interestingly enough, Jupiter allows some smaller comets to pass and hit Earth, or enter its atmosphere, this is speculated to be a reason that life exists on Earth at all! Clearly, we have a lot to thank Jupiter for.


Artificial intelligence is one of the scariest threats that humans will face in the upcoming years. If it is not built or programmed correctly you could create something that is a million times more dangerous than any weapon. OpenAI has undertaken the life-altering goal of making artificial intelligence safer. Here is a statement from their website, “OpenAI’s mission is to build safe AI, and ensure AI’s benefits are as widely and evenly distributed as possible. We’re trying to build AI as part of a larger community, and we want to share our plans and capabilities along the way.” It is crucial that the first people that develop artificial intelligence do it for the right reasons and we should all be thankful that OpenAI is leading the charge.

Nikola Tesla

You barely even hear about the most inventive scientist of all time in school. Nikola Tesla is responsible for an incredible number of things we use today and is barely given any credit. Just to put it into perspective, before he passed in 1943, he had around 300 patents. It wasn’t just the incredible amount of inventions, but the things he created completely changed the world we live in. Some of these awe-inspiring inventions were alternating current, the remote control, radio, electric motor, and fluorescent light bulb. Tesla constantly had to defend his patents because he was so ahead of the curve and invented things so many years before everyone else, that people forgot about his inventions or tried to steal them. Long story short, Nikola Tesla shaped the world we live in today and without him we would still be stuck with the electricity and technology of the 1940’s.



We don’t give enough love to these beautiful insects. Bees are one of the only insects that if they went extinct we would need to make a replacement of them to perform their job. These insects pollinate all of the flowers and plants. What this mostly does is crosses the DNA of these plants to create awesome plant species. More importantly, pollination allows us to continue to grow fruits and vegetables. To keep the process short, pollination leads to the production of seeds that we use to replant into trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Let’s all take a second to thank the bees for replenishing our harvest of fruits, vegetables, and flowers without any human interaction.


The moon is an extremely confusing rock in space. First of all, the moon’s density is much less than it looks. The extremely low density of the moon allows it to stay in orbit where it does. This location is crucial for the tides to flow in and out. This flow may not seem important on the surface, but it is speculated to be crucial in the development of land animals on our earth. The idea is as follows; billions of years ago when there was no life, as we know it, on Earth the tides still always shifted. The shifting of these tides forced microorganisms near the shore to evolve to survive on land and in water. This is hypothesized to be where the first land animal came from. On top of that, the moon controls the climate of the planet by counterbalancing the tilt of the Earth and keeping it in a slow wobble. If this didn’t happen, Earth’s climate would be wildly unpredictable and most likely not sustainable.


Gravity is the mysterious force that holds everything together. The reason that we live on a spheroid and are surrounded by all circle shaped objects is because gravity pushes them equally on all sides into circles. By creating these circles gravity has almost forced life to develop. It forces microorganisms that can evolve to have a consistent platform for evolution. Subsequently, this allows for there to be life. If we weren’t forced to stay on this planet billions of years ago we wouldn’t have developed in the same way, or simply would not have developed at all. Without gravity there would be no planets or carbon life!




Nature is always looked at for its glory. It has created literally everything on the planet. To put it more literally, plants survive through photosynthesis, where they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Photosynthesis is the counter to our breathing process. The two processes work in harmony allowing both entities to survive; one cannot exist without the other. Humans are abusing nature and so many people are not appreciating the value it brings to our lives. We can be thankful for nature because without it we would not exist.

Being Conscious

Consciousness is one of the most underappreciated things in our society. The only reason we can comprehend anything is because of consciousness. A little-known fact is that one of the biggest mysteries in science is how the human brain doubled in size over a period of two million years. This excelled our learning and understanding capabilities, but no one knows how it happened. There are many theories on how the brain doubled in size, from cooking meat for the first time to the ritualistic eating of psychedelic mushrooms, however the truth is still unknown. What we do know is that we were able to separate ourselves from our nature and become aware because of this incredibly fast change. With consciousness comes free will, and we definitely must be thankful for that.


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