The Potential of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is one of those subjects that not many people know a lot about. So far it is in its rudimentary stage with the graphics quality being poor and the headsets being clunky and huge. Although in its early stages, if you put on a virtual reality headset you would most likely be engrossed within the world it provides for you. One of the biggest reasons being when our brains take in information from virtual reality it reacts exactly the same as if we took in information from the real world. This can either be seen as a problem or an extremely good teaching tool. I will try to explain both quite reasonably.


The fact that our brain cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual world can lead to some big problems. One of the biggest issues I see is a complete dissociation from real life. This dissociation is seen in much smaller levels in some video game players where people will get addicted and attached to the idea that their life in a game is better than their life on earth. This is a minor version of the dissociation I am referring to, when the game is on our screen it is one thing but when we exist inside of virtual reality the pull to stay there and create our perfect world is going to be immense. This does not mean that virtual reality is not going to be a good thing for humans, it means that we, as people, need to understand how virtual reality can affect us negatively when used improperly.


Virtual reality can be the single most influential invention in the history of mankind if used correctly to teach. Let me try to place a scenario in your head: You are a leading technological scientist and you are tasked to invent something that achieves complete peace on earth. What would you decide to invent? There are many good answers to this question but one of them trumps all other answers in my opinion: prefect virtual reality. The way I see this working is as follows; when a baby is born they are put into a virtual reality world that totally mimics our world. The baby goes through an immense amount of lives without ever knowing that what he/she is experiencing isn’t real. After the baby has gone through enough lives and has learned enough about humanity, life, and how to treat people, he/she then will be able to exist alongside other people who have gone through the same experiences with complete peace, harmony, and compassion for them.


When we talk about something like this it is important to ask the question: Are we already living through those virtual reality lives? It is actually way more likely than you think. The universe is 13.8 billion years old and is also expanding infinitely. The modern human is dated to be around 150,000 – 300,000 years old. For around 95% of those years we barely did anything. As we get to around 11,000 years ago is when we see human beings doing more structured things such as hunting and gathering. But, the real technological boom came around 40 years ago where technology not only sped up but how we actually improve upon technology got insanely fast. What this did was cause us to go from the first cell phone in 1973, to living in a virtual reality world in 2018. When you live in a universe that expands infinitely it means that the things that don’t have high odds of happening (1/1,000,000,000,000) happen ALL THE TIME, because the universe has an infinite amount of chances to produce that result. The idea is that if we are living in an infinite universe the odds that someone has already invented virtual reality and actually implemented it in the way I stated before is infinitely large and the chances that it hasn’t happened are infinitely small. Although the odds are extremely good on one side it does not prove anything, for us to find out we are in a simulated reality would be like Mario knowing that he is in a video game.


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