The Driving Factor

The question we are all going to  have to ask ourselves is what drives us? If you got up in the morning and did exactly what you wanted to do, regardless of the money, what would it be? These questions are very important to figure out sooner rather than later. People will go their entire lives depressed, stressed, and anxious about their jobs and family life so they never get the time to answer this question. The solution to that problem is finding your passion before all of those things are already in place. This is not only important for your life but is also important because we may very well be in a place in twenty years where that is what everyone must do. Your passion may be the only thing that you can provide that is unique and makes you fulfilled. Right now most people get through life on this model:

  1. Graduate College
  2. Get well-paying job
  3. Become financially stable
  4. Start a family
  5. Retire

While I will say that there is nothing wrong with this if it’s what makes you feel like you are crushing the world every single day and you just can’t wait to get out of bed and go to 15201_Stress-personwork. This is not the case for most people. Sadly, this formula tends to get people caught in the system where if they weren’t lucky enough to immediately find a job they love, they then would have to keep the job they may hate because it pays the bills and supports their family. Whether you feel fulfilled with your life at your job is usually not looked at because it is so important that you provide and support your family that you are caught wherever you are working and it would be an extreme income risk to try something else. One of the scariest things is that it is valid for people to think this way and keep their jobs even if they are emotionally miserable. They have to be able to support the people around them. I’m going to suggest not getting caught in the cycle that most people get caught in and here is why:

Angry-FamilyGraduating college is an amazing feat if it actually prepares you for a job that you need college for. Examples of these are engineers, technicians, and doctors. If you are going to college to find out what you want to do it is a mistake. You will be paying anywhere from $20,000-$70,000 a year to find out what career you want to choose. This puts you anywhere from $80,000-$240,000 in the hole with no guarantees at an amazing job, but just a piece of paper. Let’s say you do get a well-paying job straight out of college, it so happens that almost everyone who graduates college doesn’t go into a field that their degree specifies. So if you did find what you love and graduate for it you most likely won’t even be able to participate in that career path anyway. The weight of student loans is so much to handle when you are fresh into life and it is one of the reasons that so many people struggle to find careers out of school that they are passionate about. What tends to happen is they sacrifice what they want for what they need and what they end up needing is a ton of money to pay off their debts. Everyone, unless you know what you want to do requires college, should take a couple years after high school to work and find what you are passionate about before you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills sitting at your feet.

There is nothing I hate seeing more than families breaking down and apart because of financial stress. The real issue is that everyone convinces us what the right path in life is when we should decide that path for ourselves. We are young and naive to how much money we are spending because we think it is a necessity when in reality it is just forcing you to start your life financially unstable.


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